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          1. LATEST NEWS

            GIANTS welcomes Wolfgang Ebert as PR & Marketing Manager

            October 2nd, 2020

            GIANTS Software is proud to announce and welcome Wolfgang Ebert as PR & Marketing Manager. After the steadily expanding company recently started its venture in self-publishing of future Farming Simulator entries, Wolfgang will extend the team at the German office in Erlangen as of now.


            Precision Farming coming to FS: A project by EIT Food and John Deere

            August 24th, 2020

            Initiated by John Deere and funded by EIT Food, Europe’s leading Food Innovation Initiative, Precision Farming (aka Smart Farming) will be introduced to the Farming Simulator series. The “Precision Farming Project” is set to take place over a span of two years and involves various EU partners.


            Livestreams at gamescom - more about Alpine Farming Expansion

            August 19th, 2020

            This year, Europe's leading trade fair for video games will be held digitally. In the course of the upcoming gamescom, that’ll take place from August 27th to August 30th, fans of Farming Simulator 19 can expect to see more about the Alpine Farming Expansion. The expansion is scheduled to release on November 12th and extends the game with a new map, inspired by Europes Alpine regions and over 30 new machines.


            our games

            • Farming Simulator 19

              With over 300 vehicles and tools to use from all the leading brands,including John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Krone, Deutz-Fahr, and many more, it’s up to you how to specialise as you develop and expand your farm from one of three unique starting situations. Begin with no property but plenty of money to build the farm of your dreams, or go for a more hardcore playstyle of a small starting farm with limited resources - the choice is yours, along with which crops to grow, which animals to tend to, and which missions to attempt.

              New crops and rideable horses massively expand your options from previous editions of the game, along with improved multiplayer that allows for up to 16 players (6 on console) to cooperate on or compete over the same map, each with their own tracts of land and equipment to use.

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            • Farming Simulator 18

              Become a modern farmer in Farming Simulator 18! Immerse yourself in a huge open world and harvest many types of crops, take care of your livestock - cows, sheep, and pigs - take part in forestry, and sell your products on a dynamic market to expand your farm! You have access to a huge selection of over 50 farming vehicles and machines, faithfully recreated from over 30 of the biggest names in the industry, including AGCO’s most respected brands: Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra. Drive and use brand new equipment and harvest sugar beet, potatoes, wheat, canola, corn, and for the first time sunflowers. With a deep and powerful simulation experience, a vast open world and a wide fleet of vehicles including brand new machines, Farming Simulator 18 invites you aboard the most complete handheld farming simulation ever created!

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            • Ski Region Simulator 2012

              In "Ski Region Simulator" there is an almost endless variety of gameplay possibilities. In career mode you enter a huge winter landscape to experience the day to day running of a Swiss Alpine ski resort. In this accurately modelled world you are free to explore, manage the resort in real-time, and watch the outcome of your decisions.

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